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prefer는 "선호하다", "~보다 선호하다"라는 의미로 사용합니다. 

prefer A to B는 "B보다 A를 선호하다"는 것으로 선호하는 A가 앞에 나온다는 것을 기억하면 될 것 같네요. 


Prefer 활용 예제

prefer a brand new car
prefer playing outdoors
prefer to be alone
prefer going out to staying at home
prefer winter rather than summer


Prefer 활용 대화

Claire: Why didn't you date with Sarah last night?

June: I just didn't want to.

Claire: I thought that you like her. Don't you?

June: I do. But I just prefer to be alone when it's raining.


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